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The sound of your trip

O som da sua viagem

Time to create the playlist for your great trip? In addition to your favorite songs of all time (and the ones that you can’t stop listening to this week), don’t forget to include these classics.

We selected great songs about travel and adventure. Have fun!

Red Hod Chilli Peppers  |  Road Trippin

Born to be Wild  |  Steppenwolf

The Beattles  | Two of Us

Africa  |  Toto

Time to move on  |  Tom Petty

Fly away from here  |  Aerosmith

Here I go Again  |  Whitesnake

Fly away from here  |  Lenny Kravitz

Wherever I may roam  |  Metallica

Around the World  |  Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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