Açaí Hostel Salvador

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We got the house!!!


Today we acquired the house for Açaí Hostel! It may seem strange to see that the hostel has already website, facebook fan page, twitter and other social networks, but there’s still no house. Yes, we agree. All the online communication of the hostel was done during a project we were working with another house. Sadly the owner of that house gave up the project in the middle. But bad things happen for a better one to come. This fact made us realize that, to implement all we want, we would need to own the house, so the search began.

Today we signed the papers for the transfer of a cozy small house in Pelouriho, with around 174 square meters, 3 floors and a very traditional facade as you can see in the photo (the house facade is part of UNESCO heritage project).

This week we start the work with the arquitecture office. We will keep you posted!

Let us know what you think!