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We got the house!!!


Today we acquired the house for Açaí Hostel! It may seem strange to see that the hostel has already website, facebook fan page, twitter and other social networks, but there’s still no house. Yes, we agree. All the online communication of the hostel was done during a project we were working with another house. Sadly the owner of that house gave up the project in the middle. But bad things happen for a better one to come. This fact made us realize that, to implement all we want, we would need to own the house, so the search began.

Today we signed the papers for the transfer of a cozy small house in Pelouriho, with around 174 square meters, 3 floors and a very traditional facade as you can see in the photo (the house facade is part of UNESCO heritage project).

This week we start the work with the arquitecture office. We will keep you posted!

Hits Salvador Carnaval 2013

Claudia Psy

Salvador Carnaval 2013 is gone. If you’ve been there, this list is to remember the songs that made you dance. If not, this is to give you a taste of how fun it was!

These were the most played musics in Salvador Carnival 2013:

1. Filhos de Jorge | Ziriguidum

2. Ivete Sangalo | Dançando

3. Claudia Leitte | Largadinho

Psirico | Dançation

Oito7Nove4 | Tá a fim de Namorar

Chiclete com Banana | Louco de Paixão

Asa de Águia | Eh Cambada

Tomate | Cheirinho da Vovó

Banda Eva | Preta

Margary Lord | Tumba Tá

Festival de Verão de Salvador


During 4 days Salvador is the Stage for some of the most important Brazilian bands. Festival de Verão de Salvador receives an average of 50.000 people by day being the biggest music event in Brazil with an annual periodicity.

Every year the event happens between the end of january and the beggining of february in the Parque de Exposições de Salvador.

Festival de Verão de Salvador 2013

This year the event will happen from 16th to 19th of January and will have in the main stage:16th: Nando Reis, O Rappa, Eva, Tomate and Sorriso Maroto. 17th: Kid Abelha, Asa de Águia, Ivete Sangalo, Gusttavo Lima and Aviões do Forró. 18th: Ana Carolina, Capital Inicial, Chiclete com Banana, Jarge & Mateus and Harmonia do Samba. 19th: Oito7Nova4, Natiruts, Claudia Leitte, Soja, Timbalada and Psirico.



Price: R$104/day or R$298 full event. Students pay half.

When: January, 16th to 19th

Location: Parque de Exposições de Salvador.

How to get there: From the Hostel, walk until Praça da Sé Bus Station, Then Take a bus going to Paralela Street.

Website (pt)

Catedral Basílica


The Catedral Basílica dates from 1672 and is a marvelous example of Jesuit architecture. The interior is elegant and simple, with marble-covered walls and pillars that emphasize verticality. The sacristy has a beautiful carved jacaranda archway and a painted dome and floor.


Distance from Açaí Hostel: 170m
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Carnaval in Salvador


According to the Guinness Book of Records, the carnival or Carnaval of Salvador da Bahia is the biggest party on the planet. For an entire week, almost 4 million people celebrate throughout 25 kilometers (16 mi) of streets, avenues and squares. The direct organization of the party involves the participation of 100 thousand people.[40] Its dimensions are gigantic. Salvador receives an average of 800 thousand visitors.

The cover was done by 4,446 professionals in local press, national, and international. The carnival was broadcast to 135 countries through 65 radio stations, 75 magazines, 139 producers of video, 97 newspapers(21 international), 14 tv stations, and 168 websites.[41]

Rei Momo: The King of Carnival, Momo, is handed the keys to the city in the morning, on the Thursday before Fat Tuesday, and the party officially begins. Camarotes: These grandstands line the street in the neighborhood of Campo Grande. Watch the show from here without being trampled by the crowd. Trios Eléctricos: Outfitted with deafening sound systems, these 60-foot-long trucks carry a kick line of gyrating, scantily clad dancers along with the city’s best-loved performers, among them Ivete SangaloDaniela MercuryCláudia Leitte,Chiclete com BananaCarlinhos Brown, and others.[42]

The music played during Carnaval includes Axé and Samba-reggae. Many “blocos” participate in Carnaval, the “blocos afros” like Malé Debalé, Olodum and Filhos de Gandhi being the most famous of them. Carnival is heavily policed. Stands with five or six seated police officers are erected everywhere and the streets are constantly patrolled by police groups moving in single file.

The Osmar Circuit: goes from Campo Grande to Castro Alves square, The Downtown Circuit, in Downtown andPelourinho, and The Dodô Circuit; goes from Farol da Barra to Ondina, along the coast. The Osmar circuit is the oldest circuit. It is also where the event’s most traditional groups parades. In Dodô, where the artist box seats are located, the party becomes lively toward the end of the afternoon and it continues until morning.

The three Carnival Circuits are:

  • The Campo Grande – Praça Castro Alves Circuit, also called the “Osmar” Circuit, or simply the “Avenidas” (“Avenues”);
  • The Barra – Ondina Circuit, also called the “Dodô” Circuit;
  • The Pelourinho Circuit, also called the “Batatinha” (“Little potato”) Circuit.

Museu Afro-Brasileiro

Distance from Açaí Hostel: 120km

Captura de tela 2013-01-10 às 13.10.01

Not surprisingly given its name, the Museu Afro-Brasileiro exhibits wood carvings, baskets, pottery and other art and crafts linking Brazilian and African artistic traditions. The exhibit of photography, sacred objects and ceremonial apparel demonstrating the African roots of Brazilian Candomblé is especially fascinating.

The highlight of the museum is a large room dedicated to breathtaking carved wooden panels by Argentine-born Carybé – perhaps Salvador’s most renowned 20th-century fine artist. The panels are stylised depictions of orixás  (deities of the Afro-Brazilian religions), inlaid with shells and metals.


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Igreja e Convento de São Francisco

Distance from Açaí Hostel: 190km


Defying the teachings of the saint to which it is dedicated, the baroque Igreja e Convento São Francisco is crammed with displays of wealth. An 80kg silver chandelier dangles over ornate wood carvings smothered in gold leaf, and the convent courtyard is panelled with hand-painted azulejos  (Portuguese tiles). The complex was finished in 1723.

Forced to build their masters’ church and yet prohibited from practising their own religion, African slave artisans responded through their work: distorting the faces of the cherubs, endowing some angels with huge sex organs, or making others appear pregnant. Most of these creative touches were chastely covered by 20th-century sacristans.


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Salvador Nightlife: #1

The famous brazilian band, olodum, often plays in the old city center of Salvador. Don’t miss out on the band that inspired Poul Simon to make the album: rythm of the saints. The band is mostly formed…

Nice ambient, high level food and live music too. French Quartier is the best option in Salvador da Bahia if you like blues and jazz live show. Unhappily the menu’ is a bit expensive, but you can…

They have a few different things going on at Aeroclube… Its basically a nightclub… mostly very young folk… On Moday Nights they have Rock in Rio… which is the night I went on… unfortunately…

Sankofa African Bar is located in the middle of Pelourinho and is a great spot in Salvador for live music – salsa, semba, samba, reggae, MPB etc. There is also DJ music from DJ Sankofa and DJ Vasco…

The best hopping area in Salvador da Bahia is Rio Vermelho. Ask for “Mercado do pesce” and then walk around to find out the square you like more. Not far from the street action there are several pubs…

The club scene in Salvador is limited to the small Salvador’s elite. Almost all the clubs offer live music too and only few of them leave djs take over…

Tucked away on the waterfront next to the Trapiche Adelaide, this bar boasts a sweeping view of the Bay of All Saints, making it a prime sunset spot,…

 Solar do UnhäoLocated in a one-time slave market, the Solar offers a nice buffet dinner of typical Bahian food and a 90-minute floor show. Guests sit mostly…

 Centro Cultural Do Bispo is far more than a “casa de show.” It is a social and cutural center open to experiments in music, dance and the visual arts. During…

Bambara is a live music spot (mainly samba and axe’). This elegant restaurant is perfect if you want a middle class ambient. There two shows, the first one…

Very popular on Wednesday is the kind of place you go if you feel like street party all night although it takes place in a alley and you pay for it (5 Real)….

 Live music in Salvador da Bahia on Tuesday means Pelourinho. Mainly Teresa Batista square, where Olodum use to perform. Small but powerful place with the right…

 Pereira is the place where you can sit down, relax and enjoy a conversation. In these spot while drinking, eating and listening to live music you can spend a…

Only few minutes by car from Pelourinho operates this warehouse show house. Starting off around 8pm until 1.00pm depending on the night. Very basic but that is…

I cannot remember what night I went here, but if you get the book “Salvador for Partiers” it tells you what is on on what nights. It is a restaurant and bar as…

I now must admit, that the little known fridaynights sambas in the Mercado Modelo, have changed. Now it is both fridays and saturdays, and it is no more a…

She is working here every evening, and has been doing that for more than 30 years! Espetinho de churrasco, com salada e farofa ; 1 R$!Beers are cheap too.The…

Staying in Pelorinho, there is not any thing really going on past 1am. Used to going to clubs at around this time, we got into a taxi and asked the driver to…

 All the night there is a show in Pelourino, if you have enough time to search are good, but a little bit ‘touristic’. Every mondey and thusday drums band play…

My favourite bar. This is simply a wonderful place to spend the night. It’s in a house in Pelourinho, under the atellier of the artist Maria Adair. The pub is…

Interesting place to dance. If you are not tolerant about people´s sexual options, I have 2 recommendations: 1. Don´t go to Off Club 2. Go to the shrinkIf…

Small but nice, Gloss is a bit expensive, but not if you arrive before midnight. Then it´s a bit cheaper! *laughs* . There´s live music sometimes… If you…

With three different ambients (outdoor, by a fountain and a hammock; on the veranda, sitting at tables specially designed around the trees; inside, in a very…

Very good atmosphere, nice serving, good prices, good food, always a good cultural alternative. The chief waiter, Miguel, will do his best to serv you. I…

 If you’d like to go to a nice pub with indoor and outdoor possibilities, good serving, good price, excellent food, full but not crowded, then Boteco do França…

The sound of your trip

O som da sua viagem

Time to create the playlist for your great trip? In addition to your favorite songs of all time (and the ones that you can’t stop listening to this week), don’t forget to include these classics.

We selected great songs about travel and adventure. Have fun!

Red Hod Chilli Peppers  |  Road Trippin

Born to be Wild  |  Steppenwolf

The Beattles  | Two of Us

Africa  |  Toto

Time to move on  |  Tom Petty

Fly away from here  |  Aerosmith

Here I go Again  |  Whitesnake

Fly away from here  |  Lenny Kravitz

Wherever I may roam  |  Metallica

Around the World  |  Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Have more suggestions? Tell us!